was created by sportsmen who where searching for the best equipment for themselves. Starting from the idea that for high performances the best equipment is needed, we found the best dedicated brands. For using the hightech equipment is necesary to have the know-how for the right use. This know-how was acumulated in time from experience and hard work.

Our offer is a pack of the best equipment for mountain sports, and the knowlege of using them properly, based on personal experience. We offer not just a selling actvity, but a partnership for our clients, with certain benefits for them. We are not just on the web, but also on the mountain, competitions and trainings, offering the whole pack, hard and software, necesary for a sport based life. Team – Your  partner in mountain sports

Actually, I think I run for happiness. I think that life has to be cheerful, and that is what I am looking for. For me, happiness is to get in touch with nature, with the mountain, making sport. So I run for that. - Kilian Jornet